The Kindergarten program is created to stimulate and educate students.  This program is designed to prepare students for First Grade.  Kindergarten targets the following skills: Reading & Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
The Reading and Writing program is designed to prepare students for the mandatory Ready By 5 set by President Bill Clinton.  The program uses phonics and whole language to help build reading skills, stretch stories, and create original writings.

Students are exposed to technology (calculators/computers) to help enhance reading and mathematical skills.

Hands on activities help create an interest in Science and Social Studies.
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Students that have graduated from this program have tested well and are fully prepared for First Grade.
"We just want to express just how happy we are with ELDC.  From the first time our children enter the Center we have been content with the quality of their care and the teaching staff.  We feel that each teacher is committed to the success of each child.  We appreciate the time and commitment given to help our children excel.  This school has contributed to our children's embracement of school and learning.  We look forward to the continued success for caring of the welfare of the children in their trust."
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S.